Sea Survival

Typical prices are £110.00 per person per day (inc VAT)

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TMS is a RYA accredited training centre for Sea Survival.

Typical prices are £110.00 per person per day (inc VAT)

Further discount for:

  • 10 or more students
  • Additional bookings i.e. RYA 1 day First Aid or 2nd day for RYA / IASF Off Shore Safety Course (note – many students combine this 1 day RYA Basic Sea Survival training with a consecutive 2nd day RYA First Aid Course)

TMS is a RYA accredited training centre for Sea Survival. Have you ever wondered how, or if, your liferaft works? Can your staff, children, family or crew react safely if you need to abandon ‘ship’? Can they really use a lifejacket; are they really prepared for an emergency? As a responsible Employer or Skipper, have you wondered what your staff/crew would do in an emergency if you had to deploy your sea survival equipment? During their career most yachtsmen or individuals whose career involves the sea, will never use their liferaft or emergency equipment. What if they are one of the unlucky few? Clearly their chances of survival will increase significantly if they are trained to use survival equipment correctly, know what to expect and how to behave in an emergency.

A TMS Sea Survival Course can be tailored to meet your Company needs, are fully RYA/MCA compliant, and can prepare you, your staff or crew for all your sea survival requirements.

TMS’s principal Sea Survival Instructor was the Training Officer for the Royal Naval Survival School for a number of years, responsible for training seamen & aircrew, (military and civilian) in all aspects of sea survival, search and rescue. He is recognised as one of the leading sea survival experts in The UK. In fact, the RYA actually based its Sea Survival syllabus on The Navy Sea Survival School during his tenure. His passion for safety at sea and enviable experience makes TMS’s courses unique. All TMS’s instructors have similar experience and bring a wealth of invaluable practical as well as formal training to our courses.

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This enviable wealth of experience in so many aspects to boating, a desire to share this knowledge, Royal Navy and business leadership, a passion for safety and fun,

TMS certainly has a whole lot to offer to assist in your boating and training needs.

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