The co-founders of TMS are ‘out and out’ boating enthusiasts and have been for over 30 years, where TMS is as much a hobby as a business. They have sailed all over the world during these years, clocking up countless hours, especially in The Solent, South Coast and crossing The Channel, and enjoy sharing this wealth of knowledge to new and existing boating enthusiasts. The list of The Team’s formal RYA, military and affiliated marine qualifications is vast and enviable. Together they bring real practical hands on experience in so many aspects of boating.

Having personally experienced many boat services from the absolutely diabolical to world class, their idea to tailor boat services, using a network of professionals, to suit the client not the service provider was formed.

As boat owners for many years, 26 years in The Royal Navy and 25 years of managerial experience in the business world they certainly have what it takes to listen, understand and hence offer the right advice or service for your boating needs. As a former Training Officer with The Royal Naval Survival School, the cofounder of TMS was responsible for training aircrew (military and civilian) in all aspects of search and rescue. Also, as a UK leading specialist in Maritime Safety TMS is clearly qualified to consult on safe maritime operations.

This enviable wealth of experience in so many aspects to boating, a desire to share this knowledge, Royal Navy and business leadership, a passion for safety and fun,
TMS certainly has a whole lot to offer to assist in your boating and training needs.

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